Calendar of Events

Community Activities and Schedule for WIN in the Indianapolis area.


January 2024

Jan 3 (11:30-12:30) - "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Income Tax Seminar; Guest Speaker: Angel Ingram, Income Advisor; Venue: Zoom

February 2024

Feb 7 (11:30-12:30) "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Artificial Intelligence; Guest Speaker: Keith Strom, Chief Engr/AI Center of Excellence, DFAS; Venue: Zoom

Feb 17 (1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.) "Bowling Event"; Where: Hindel Bowling Lanes

DTB - Board of Directors Zoom Meeting

March 2024

Mar 6 (11:30 - 12:30) "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Women's History Celebration; Guest Speaker: Deborah Whitfield, Mayor-City of Lawrence; Venue: Zoom

April 2024

Apr 3 (1:30-12:30) "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Healthy Living for YourBraiin and Body; Guest Speaker: Molly and Ralph Richards, Alzheimers Association; Venue: Zoom

May 2024**

May 1 (11:30-12:30) "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Awareness and Spt for IN Kidney Foundation; Guest Speaker: Sarah Kendall, Dev and Vol Spec, IN Kidney Foundation; Venue: Zoom

June 2024**

June 5 (11:30-12:30) "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Awareness and Prevention of Violence in IN; Guest Speaker: IMPD, TBD; Venue: Zoom

DTB - Board of Directors Zoom Meeting

July 2024

Jul 10 (11:30-12:30) "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Merit Protection Board (HR, DFAS); Guest Speaker: TBD, DFAS; Venue: Zoom

August 2024

Aug 7 (11:30-12:30) "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Equity in America for Women; Guest Speaker: TBD; Venue: Zoom

September 2024

Sep 11 (11:30-12:30) "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Suicide Prevention; Guest Speaker: Dr. Dorothy Simpson Taylor, Sister Soldier Network; Venue: Zoom

October 2024

Oct 19 (12:00-4:00) WIN Annual Womens Conference; Guest Speaker: TBD

November 2024

Nov 6 (11:30-12:30) "Knowledge-Sharing" Event. Topic: Honoring Veterans; Guest Speaker: TBD; Venue: Zoom

TBD - Board of Directors Zoom Meeting

December 2024

Dec 14 (11-1) - WIN's Annual Holiday Activities/Celebration

SPECIAL NOTE (1) Donations Accepted for Claudia Gilliard Education Scholarship Foundation via WIN Website Link:

SPECIAL NOTE (2) Topics/Dates, Speakers Subject to Change


POC: Mary Aurtrey, Network Director for Women in Networking (WIN) DFAS Center, Indianapolis, IN (317-413-7197)

POC: Barbara Davis Bass, Executive Director for Women in Networking (WIN), DFAS Center, Indianapolis (317-797-3644)

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